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4 recommendations on how to reduce strain on the back muscles and relieve pain in the lower back.

We change the usual little things for the health of the back.

Back pain is known to almost everyone who has encountered it as a result of an injury, for whom it is a consequence of lifestyle, but the effect is one, everyone wants to get rid of pain and arrange their lives.

Today we will talk about 4 simple recommendations that can relieve back pain:

1) Sleep quality is the key to health, and the correct posture in a dream is the key to a healthy back. The best position is on the side, thanks to which the anatomical curves and elongated spine are preserved, relieved from the deep muscles. But sleeping on your stomach can only hurt your back, so choose your sleeping position carefully.

Sleep depends no less on the choice of mattress, because a hard mattress is suitable for someone, and a soft one is needed for a good sleep. Listen to your body and by trial and error you will get quality sleep.

2) Quite often our muscles tense up when carrying a bag, if you have to carry several kilograms of cargo with you every day, you need to choose the right bag and you can put the bag. Carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder can cause pain not only in the spine, but also in the shoulder girdle. Carrying weights on one arm for long periods will definitely affect your gait and posture. Thus, an optimally selected bag will make your life easier.

3) Get moving! Do not sit in one position, if you are hunched over at work, use every opportunity to get up for a walk or simply change your position, this will allow you to distribute the load between different muscles.

If your job doesn't allow you to get up and move every half hour, use a set of simple exercises in the workplace. The exercises performed during the exercise will loosen muscle tension and relieve pain.

4) Practice! because movement is life, do not be afraid to spend time on a simple workout that does not require additional equipment, turn your apartment into a fitness room.

5) Go for a massage from time to time. The masseuse of the Best Massage salon will be able to assess the condition of your back and muscles as a whole, perform the necessary massage and improve your health.

Your activity will help us find the material you are interested in. Entrust the health of your back to the best specialists from the massage salon Najlepszy Masaż in Wola (Stańczyka 5/U2) and Żoliborz (Kaliny Jędrusik 9/119). Sign up easily by tel 733706432


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