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Vacuum bubbles (Part 2)

What are the types of banks? Most suppliers use glass or plastic cups, but cups can be:



How are bubbles made?

There are various ways to place a bank. The steps vary slightly depending on the method you choose. Your masseur will leave the bubbles for a few minutes. Some treatments involve moving the banks briefly to stretch and massage the area.
Depending on the procedure, your provider may place several banks on your skin. Cupping methods include:

Dry: Your supplier heats the inside of each cup - usually with an alcohol swab, which is set on fire. The heat sends oxygen out of the cup, creating a vacuum. Some suppliers use a suction device to remove air from the cups. When placed on the skin, the force of the vacuum pulls it into the cup.
Wet: Your provider uses a needle to lightly prick the skin before and sometimes after the cupping. Toxins leave the body through puncture wounds during the cupping procedure. Our team masseuses doing putting the banks after back massage.

What should I expect from a bubble?

The suction force from the cup causes the tiny blood vessels under the skin to burst. You will have round, bruise-like marks that will disappear in a week or two. You can book your bubble massage through Booksy.


What are the potential risks or complications of cupping?
Cupping is a relatively low-risk therapy. Still, you may experience:

  • Burns from heated canisters.
  • Tiredness.
  • Headaches.
  • Muscle tension or soreness.
  • Nausea.
  • Skin infections, itching or scarring.
Who shouldn't put bubbles?

Since scientists know little about the effects of cupping on pregnancy, mothers-to-be should not receive therapy. You should also give up your cupping if you have:

  • Bleeding disorders such as haemophilia.
  • Blood clotting problems such as deep vein thrombosis or a history of strokes.
  • Skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.
  • Seizures (epilepsy).


How effective is bubble placement?

There aren't many high-quality studies on the effectiveness of cupping. And scientists don't know much about why or how cupping can help people. Cupping can have a placebo effect, which means it helps because people believe it. In addition to placing the bank we have in offer a lot of different massages - face massage, massage for two.


When should I call the doctor?
You should call your doctor if you have cupping and experience:

  • Burns.
  • Extreme pain or soreness.
  • Fever or other signs of skin infection (redness, tenderness, yellow discharge).

Cupping therapy can help relieve some symptoms, such as pain. Little is known about the effectiveness of the therapy, how it works, and the conditions it treats. Although cupping is relatively safe, talk to your doctor before trying therapy. We offer bank and back massage in our salon Najlepszy Masaż in Warsaw.


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