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What is kinesiology? Kinesiologist in Warsaw

What is a kinesiologist?

A kinesiologist is someone who studies the movement of the human body and applies that study for educational or medical purposes. They study the principles of traffic management, injury prevention, exercise improvement, and general well-being. Many of the subjects that kinesiologists study also apply to sports science. Similarly, they understand how to prevent injury or exhaustion during physical activities such as dance, yoga, weightlifting, and cardio. Kinesiologists can complete additional post-graduation training to work in many other areas of therapy, including:



cardiovascular care

respiratory care

soft tissue release

Concussion rehabilitation

What does a kinesiologist do?

Those who study kinesiology can apply their knowledge in a variety of industries. Kinesiology students can apply their knowledge through physical therapy to help those affected by injury or disease. They also understand nutrition and fitness concepts and help clients with diet planning and exercise strategies to improve their overall well-being.

Kinesiologists can even use their knowledge of the body to guide fitness classes such as dance, cardio, and yoga.e

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