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Hyperlordosis of the lumbar spine – Najlepszy Masaz

Etymologically, the word "hyperlordosis" comes from the Greek language and means: hyper- (excessive), lordo- (bend) and -sis (disease, violation).

Lumbar hyperlordosis consists in strengthening the lordotic curvature of the spine. Lumbar hyperlordosis is visible from the side in the supine position and is assessed objectively on X-ray. A bend with an angle greater than 70 degrees is considered hyperlordic (the angle between the surfaces of the L1 and S1 vertebrae is measured).

• Although in most cases the cause of lumbar hyperlordosis is unknown, it may occur as a result of shortening of the hip flexor muscles, particularly the psoas. This phenomenon is relatively often explained by a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity, which is very characteristic of modern society. Strengthening the lumbar lordosis contributes to the shortening of the paraspinal muscles, the iliocostal muscle, the long back muscle and the trapezius lumbar muscle, which in turn contributes to the consolidation of changes in the statics of this section of the spine.

• Physical activity decreases with age and muscles gradually weaken. This leads to a weakening of the ability to hold the spine, which together with the force of gravity leads to an increase in the physiological curvature of the spine.
• As the abdominal volume increases, the pelvis moves forward and the curvature of the lumbar section increases as the center of gravity shifts forward.
A good preventive measure can be therapeutic or kinesiological massage, which is available in our salons Najlepszy Masaż

• Lumbar pain caused by excessive pressure on the spinous process and the presence of muscle hypertonus. People with an increased curvature of the lumbar spine often suffer from lumbago when standing on their feet for a certain period of time. The more time spent in this position, the stronger the pain. This is explained by the fact that the muscles gradually lose their ability to hold the spine. At the same time, the pressure on the joints increases.
Increased friction on the articular surfaces caused by overuse increases age-related wear and deformity of the vertebrae.

• Moderate physical activity contributes to the necessary tension and flexibility of the main muscles responsible for supporting the spine.
• Regular regeneration of spins - massages, saunas, swimming pools, cryotherapy. In the massage parlor Najlepszy Masaż full range of massage services available. Including manual and therapeutic massages.
• Compliance with a good diet.


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