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Kobido The best facial massage ever

Why choose KOBIDO massage?
KOBIDO is a Japanese facial massage aimed at rejuvenating the skin and stopping the aging process. The special technique of this massage helps to improve the appearance and quality of the skin, smoothes the complexion, reduces bags under the eyes, prevents the formation of wrinkles and moisturizes the skin by activating blood and lymph flow.

How is the KOBIDO massage performed?

Before performing the procedure, our specialist will assess the condition of your skin and the main problem areas. If necessary, make-up will be removed so that the skin is clean, without traces of cosmetics, creams or other care products. This massage is performed by stimulating the face and neck area with fingertips, making quick, strong, rhythmic movements. The technique of this massage is full of contrasts - the treatment itself can be very intense and extremely gentle. In this way, certain points are stimulated to support skin regeneration. We invite you to kobido in our showroom in Żoliborz Artistic - Najlepszy Masaż

How many treatments are usually recommended?

In order to achieve significant aesthetic effects, we recommend planning a series of 8 massages a week and repeating care treatments once every 2-4 weeks.

How to prepare for KOBIDO face massage?

Although our specialist will cleanse your skin of all cosmetics on it during this time, we recommend that you arrive with a clean face and no makeup. KOBIDO massage is not recommended for bearded men.

What can you expect from a facial massage?

Immediately after the treatment you will feel relaxed and refreshed. After the massage, we always recommend drinking plenty of water, which helps to eliminate toxins faster and moisturizes the skin from the inside. While KOBIDO massage course you will notice increased firmness of facial muscles, as well as enhanced facial features and contours.

When is KOBIDO massage not recommended?

KOBIDO massage is not recommended for people after botulinum toxin injections, suffering from acne or other skin diseases and various infections.

Where to find kobido in Warsaw?

Our massage studio Najlepszy Masaż offers various facial massages - relaxing, deep tissue, transbukka and kobido. Our therapists are certified, well-trained specialists who will provide the best service.

What can you expect from KOBIDO?

1. Relaxation of facial muscles
During the massage, the muscles of the face and neck are relaxed, especially in places where constant tension creates wrinkles. This massage technique can also be used to treat facial paralysis and relieve spasms.
2. Suspension of the aging process
After a series of such treatments, you will notice increased firmness of facial muscles, lifted, more expressive facial contours.
3. Deep cleansing of the skin
By stimulating blood circulation and the lymphatic system, toxins and dead cells are removed, and the skin is saturated with essential elements. The increased temperature during the treatment cleanses the deeper layers of the skin, which conventional washing substances do not reach.


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