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2 day


1800 PLN


KOBIDO to ponad 100 zaawansowanych technik manualnych obejmujących pracę w obszarze głowy, twarzy, szyi i dekoltu, których osiągniesz in 2 training days.

Kobido is the ancient, authentic Japanese art of preserving beauty by maintaining a perfect balance of physical, emotional and spiritual health. Currently, it is the most technically advanced form of facial massage in Japan, and indeed in the whole candle. Mastering a unique art requires specialized training and many years of practice.

It is a combination of currently known therapies and massages in the field of:

  • MTG (deep tissue massage) and myofascial release;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • phases of deep relaxation;
  • advanced lifting;
  • japanese acupressure.

We focus on a powerful dose of theoretical knowledge in the field of anatomy, physiology, histology and art history of Japanese facial massages along with an extensive practical program.

After our training, you will be able not only to practice the art of Japanese KOBIDO facial massage, but also to approach work with the client and his needs in a logical way. You will learn to distinguish the morpho types of aging of the body, you will learn the process of formation of mimic wrinkles with age, the principle of muscle contractures in the body and how it is reflected on our face. You can take care of the client and plan each visit to get amazing results.

After the training you can perform a Japanese KBIDO face massage, observing the exact sequence of all techniques and rules for performing a given ritual based on a holistic approach to treating the massaged person. You will also obtain a diploma in two languages: English and Polish, authorizing you to work immediately with the client.

Who is this course for?

People starting their adventure with massage

If you have no experience, but you have a great desire to master effective and effective work techniques, trained over years of practice. The acquired techniques allow you to immediately start working with the client and show him a surprising difference after the first treatment session.

People practicing the art of massage

If you have experience and have already mastered some manual techniques, but you want to develop further and learn new ones in a more advanced direction. As a conscious specialist, you will be able to raise the level of your own skills and gain a system of valuable theoretical knowledge to perfectly combine techniques and achieve even greater success.

Training plan

Part 1
Part 1

An extensive theoretical introduction

Part 2
Part 2

Practice in 5 stages

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

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Kobido massage

What will you learn on the course?

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What does the massage look like

Over 100 advanced manual techniques covering the head, face, neck and cleavage

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Learn to do the same, join the training

What will you learn on the course?

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Improve your skills and learn new things from our favorite instructor


Anna Humeniuk

Hello, my name is Anna Humeniuk, I am an ambitious, developing specialist in the field of manual facial therapy and its biological regeneration. For several years, she has been practicing natural methods of facial rejuvenation and modeling, which is especially the greatest passion of my life. By education, I am a certified cosmetologist, masseur, educator and more. Because I always strive for professionalism and proper education, I devote myself entirely to learning and personal development. The experiences and habits that I have gained will be a good hint for you and will lead you towards conscious manual work, restoring vitality and beauty to your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up for the course using the form at the bottom of the page. We will contact you and send all the necessary information to your e-mail address.

Making a reservation is possible after making an advance payment of PLN 300 to a bank account. The advance payment will guarantee participation in the training on the selected date.

The course will take place in Warsaw.

Information will be sent to your e-mail address one week before the start of the course. All details will be described in detail, including the address and the possibility of parking the car.

Of course. For our part, let's provide snacks and good coffee.

We made sure that you have everything and even more. We fill up with disinfectants, makeup removers, towels, a few blankets, massage oils.

Above all, comfortable, clean changeable clothes. Short, filed nails. No inflammatory or allergic changes in the skin of the hands, face, neck and cleavage. Ergonomic, comfortable replacement shoes.

Of course. The invoice will be sent by e-mail after all payments have been made.

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