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Massage course – Najlepszy Masaz

July 5-10

12 hours


2499 PLN

Want to be master the profession of a massage therapist and do a really high-quality deep massage? Now is the time to start.

During the course you will learn how to perform high-quality deep tissue massage. Learn how to apply force in a massage for maximum relaxation, easing tension and eliminating muscle pain.

After our training, you will be able not only to practice massage, but also to work logically with the client and his needs. Each of your massages will be individual and focused on eliminating problems in specific muscles.

An instructor with many years of experience, an expert in his field, will guide you through all the necessary skills and knowledge so that you can use manual massage as the basis of the massage profession.

What will you gain by joining the "Masseur from scratch" course?

✅ Unique skills: Learn the most effective massage techniques and techniques to help you get a quality massage immediately after graduation.

✅ Individual guidance: The course takes place in groups of up to 3 people. No meetings of 20 people, where there is no time to absorb information and develop massage techniques.

✅ 90% practice. Proper positioning of hands and practice of massage techniques on models.

✅ The course is suitable for beginners.

✅ Learn from the best in the industry

Do not miss the opportunity to learn a new profession that is truly appreciated anytime, anywhere. Give people health, beauty and unforgettable feelings

Who is this course for?

Beginner masseurs

If you have no experience, but there is a strong desire to master effective and efficient working methods developed over years of practice. The acquired techniques allow you to immediately start working with the client and show him an amazing difference after the first treatment session.

Masseurs who want to raise their level

If you already have the minimum, but you want to develop further and master new techniques in a more advanced direction. As a conscientious professional, you will be able to improve your own skills and acquire a system of valuable practical knowledge to perfectly combine techniques and achieve even greater success.

Course schedule

Part 1
Part 1

Back massage

Part 2
Part 2

Neck massage

Part 3

Hand massage

Part 3
Part 4

Massage leg

Part 4
Część 5

Foot massage

Część 5
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Why do hands go numb?
What will you learn on the course?
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Kinesiologist in Warsaw

Who is a kinesiologist? What function does it perform?


Jurij Kowal

Regards. My name is Yury Koval and I am a masseuse-kinesiologist with 7 years of experience in massage. I have a medical education. He worked in medical facilities. I have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of massage and kinesiology. I have successfully completed a number of specialized courses and obtained appropriate certificates that allow me to use advanced methods and techniques in my work. I will teach you how to make a good massage.

Frequently asked questions

Registration for the course takes place via the form at the bottom of the page. All information about the course will be sent to your e-mail address.Reservation of a place on the course is possible by making an advance payment of PLN 400 to a bank account.
The course will take place in Warsaw in one of our massage rooms. Detailed information along with the training schedule will be sent by e-mail a week before the course starts.

First of all, bring comfortable, clean clothes for a change. You should have short, filed nails. No inflammatory or allergic changes on the skin of the hands, face, neck and cleavage. Ergonomic and comfortable interchangeable shoes. Bring a change of shoes and massage clothes. If not, a comfortable, loose change of clothes.

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