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Massage and mobilization of the neck and pain

The neck is very important, of course, for posture, performance. You want to make sure it's mobile and strong, so let's get started.

Neck massage and mobilization 🖤 it has a huge impact on your shoulders, your spine and your entire body.

If you look at life, it requires head and neck movement. In fact, we see that as people get older, very often one of the first areas where they start to lose mobility is the neck.

These are the people who get addicted to their rearview and side mirrors while driving because they can't turn around and look behind them and these are probably the people you don't want to see in their blind spot.

Very important. If you are an athlete, you must be able to turn your head in different movements.

For us, because we also deal with a lot of people with pain, if you have a sore jaw, if you have a headache, if you have a sore shoulder, all of this is also related to poor neck mobility. If you have balance problems, the so-called proprioceptors, the mechanoreceptors in your neck, actually talk to your inner ear, and the neck, eyes, and inner ear work together to maintain balance.

Neck problems can manifest themselves in many different ways and this is one of the reasons why you want a mobile and strong cervical spine.

We invite you for neck and nape massages, neck mobilization to our salon Najlepszy Masaż in Warsaw. We have a full range of services - that will help your body to be in the best physical shape. You can book an appointment through our webpage or by phone 733-706-432


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