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Back massage - office workers need a massage

As a massage therapist, I've met many clients whose jobs required more than eight hours of sitting at a desk a day - and you've no doubt used your skills to take care of their aching shoulders, necks and lower backs.

Recent research into the negative health consequences of sitting all day has fueled the popularity of sit-stand desks, which allow employees to switch between sitting and standing positions – and which may present new challenges for massage therapists.

If office workers spend more time standing, will these aches and pains become a thing of the past - Unlikely says salon masseur Najlepszy Masaż

Highly personalized a backache

One such factor is the height of the desk in the standing position, as well as the positioning of the computer. Standing at a poorly adjusted desk, Sergei said, can put as much stress on the body as sitting all day. He recommends choosing a sit-stand desk that allows the height of the computer monitor and keyboard to be adjusted separately, so that office workers can find the exact right position to avoid problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and forward head.

Office workers and back pain

Another factor is the person's back. Sergey explained that the lumbar spine has a natural C-shaped curvature backwards. Many people have too much of a curve and … this puts a lot of pressure on the discs between the lumbar vertebrae.

Sergei cited as an example one client, an engineer who switched to a sit-to-stand desk after seeking massage therapy because of the pain she was experiencing from sitting too long. A new desk helped — but then a new problem arose.

Part of the problem is that her lumbar spine is excessively curved. After moving to a standing position, her lower back began to bother her a bit more.

Even if the curvature of the lumbar spine is normal, lower back pain can develop if the knees are not slightly bent and neutral when standing. Locking the knees throws the pelvis forward and increases the curvature, which can lead to pain.

Other back problems, such as degenerative disc disease or stenosis, can worsen if an office worker stands too much. Thus, office workers and back pain can occur in a massage therapist's office, even among clients using a standing desk.

Office workers attitude

Poor ergonomics practiced for a long time while sitting or standing can lead to pain, because in order to relieve fatigue or create stability, the body compensates by activating muscles that ideally remain at rest.

People who stand all day tend to lean on one leg or hip. This can cause the pelvis to rotate and cause more torque to the lumbar spine, causing the back and neck to compensate.

If people sit or stand too much, their abs don't activate and don't have the ability to stabilize, so their lower back works, works, works all the time to help them stabilize.

The result: back pain and posture problems for office workers.

Foot friendly

Another potential problem that can result from excessive standing is plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the band of tissue that runs along the sole of the foot, connecting the toes to the heel.

Women who wear high-heeled shoes to the office may be better off thinking about their standing desk setup or their choice of footwear. If you stand all day and wear high heels, it will cause more stress and require more compensation than if you were sitting in a really good, ergonomic position in high heels.

Movement is key

Whether employees are sitting or standing, remembering to position and post your desk properly can help prevent pain.
Set a clock on [your] computer and move every 15 minutes and move a few steps away from your desk.

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