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Deep Tissue Massage (Part 1)

Do you experience stress, muscle soreness or pain? Do you feel like your body is a giant knot of tense muscles? Deep tissue massage therapy can be the solution to your problems.

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years. Ancient cultures have documented the use of massage, including the Hindus, Persians and Egyptians who used massage to treat a wide variety of diseases and ailments.

Massage is still widely accepted as a tool for relaxation and stress relief, as well as pain relief, treating arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression, among others. Deep tissue massage is one of the advanced massage techniques that aims to solve certain problems.


Deep tissue massage therapy is not just Swedish massage with deeper strokes or firmer pressure. Deep tissue massages use firm pressure and slow stroking to massage deep layers of muscle and fascia, which is the connective tissue that surrounds muscles. Are you looking for a real massage in Warsaw? Familiarize yourself with our team masseuses.

Deep tissue massages are used to break up scar tissue and break up muscle adhesions (the "knots" we feel in our muscles are muscle adhesions, which are bands of stiff and painful muscle tissue). These knots can inhibit our circulation and cause pain and inflammation.

When a massage begins, the masseur usually starts with lighter pressure to warm up the muscles and then works to deeper pressure.

Common techniques used in deep tissue massage therapy include stripping, which is deep pressure that moves along the muscle fibers, and friction, which applies pressure to the muscle grain to break up adhesions and align the tissue fibers. Check massage offers in our salon.


Deep tissue massages are beneficial for both physical and mental health. Each massage will benefit the recipient in many ways, making it an easy way to relax and treat health issues. Deep tissue therapy works well with trigger point therapy. You can order such a massage from us by BOOKSY. Do you know what trigger point therapy is? Read this article.


Deep tissue massage is a great stress reliever. Whether you're experiencing stress at home or at work, a massage is a great way to disconnect and relax for an extended period of time.

Massage can help lower cortisol levels and increase oxytocin levels, which is a hormone that relaxes the body and has a soothing effect.

It can also help with the physical symptoms of stress, such as muscle and shoulder tension and tension headaches. Deep tissue massage can solve these problems and help your body relax. Follow our blog for part 2 of this article. Najlepszy Masaż – a salon of well-being in Warsaw.


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