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Face massage. Indications and contraindications

Facial massage: benefits, effects, contraindications

In order for the skin of the face to be always taut and young, it is necessary to take care of it. One of the components of such care is massage. In addition, it is an excellent preventive tool, massage restores skin tone and elasticity, helps to regain its former beauty.

How useful is massage?

Healing effect face massage is the activation of lymph flow and the strengthening of blood flow to the tissues. It is important not to stretch the delicate surface of the skin, which reacts quite sensitively to various physical impacts.


Massage can be done only if the skin of the face does not have inflamed areas, otherwise there is a risk of aggravating the situation. Classic facial massage is contraindicated in people with couperosis.

Massage techniques

It is performed according to a specially developed technique. Light gliding movements directed along the massage lines do not tighten the skin; on the contrary, make it more flexible and healthy.

For a few visits to the masseur, you can get rid of bags under the eyes, remove the network of fine wrinkles and give the skin a blooming appearance. During the massage, the entire facial area is treated with vegetable oils, which not only facilitate easy gliding on the surface, but also nourish the skin with vitamins and active substances.

If we compare the effect of the course of massage and plastic surgery, then we can unequivocally say that in the first case the result is not worse at all. Our salon najlepszy masaż offers classic facial and deep tissue Kobido massage.

Features of a professional facial massage

Manipulations should only be performed by a qualified specialist. First of all, the doctor studies the relief of the face, identifies problem areas, and then begins to work on them using special techniques. At this time, the patient is in a semi-recumbent position and lies comfortably on the couch. The duration of the initial session is thirty minutes. Massage procedures are followed by a course followed by rest and regeneration.

Effect duration

Massage can be compared to fitness classes. If you take part in only one workout, you will feel pleasant pain and muscle tension. But if you don't visit the sports club again, the whole effect will be wasted.

If you have been attending classes for a long time and regularly, you have achieved an excellent effect, then you will lose shape if you forget about the way to the gym.

It's the same with facial massage. A single massage will provide an effect that will last for 3-4 days.

For a stable result, do 10-15 procedures. In the future, massage courses need to be done periodically - every few months to maintain the effect.

Massage manipulations should be carried out only in specialized institutions equipped with modern medical equipment. It is better if it is a dispensary where you can find doctors with different profiles. This will allow, without leaving the walls of the building, to receive comprehensive services aimed at restoring not only the skin, but the whole organism.

As practice shows, systematic facial massage allows you to significantly improve your appearance and look much younger even at an advanced age!
We invite you for facial massages in Żoliborz (Warsaw). Our masseurs will advise and choose the right type of massage and cosmetics for your skin type


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