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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

What is manual lymphatic drainage?

Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that works on the lymphatic and immune systems. It is a gentle form of massage performed specifically to increase the flow of lymph, a colorless fluid that flows through the lymphatic vessels and drains toxins and cellular debris.

How is lymphatic drainage done?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is slow, gentle and circular movements performed in one direction. Your therapists will use their fingers or hands all over the body towards the lymphatic circulation. It is not a painful procedure, on the contrary, it is very relaxing. Thanks to the fact that it supports the elimination of toxins, it also ensures well-being during and after the procedure.

What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage?

Manual lymphatic drainage has significant benefits for various areas and health goals; for this reason, nowadays more and more doctors recommend it as part of their procedures. Some of these benefits are:

Therapeutic benefits
  • Stimulates the work of the kidneys.
  • It is useful in treating blood circulation problems (venous insufficiency).
  • Helps reduce lymphatic problems.
  • Stimulates the immune system, increasing the body's defenses.
  • It helps protect the body from bacteria and viruses as it works in conjunction with the immune system.
  • It has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system.
  • Its direct influence on the parasympathetic system gives a relaxing effect.
  • It tones the intestines, which helps fight constipation.
  • Regulates the body's water balance.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Reduces stress
Sport benefits
  • It helps prepare muscles for physical effort, which allows for greater performance and better regeneration.
  • It reduces pain and inflammation.
Aesthetic benefits
  • It reduces cellulite. It reduces fat deposits and stimulates circulation, thanks to which it improves the condition of the orange peel.
  • Improves the condition of tired legs.
  • Reduces problems related to fluid retention, poor circulation and localized fat.
  • Helps reduce varicose veins.
  • It moisturizes the skin and supports its revitalization, significantly reducing wrinkles and stretch marks.
  • It helps define the shape.
  • Certainly, these effects can be achieved with movements and gentle pressure that promote cell rejuvenation and waste elimination.

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What to expect from Manual Lymphatic Drainage?
  • First, by stimulating your kidneys, your urine may become darker and smelly for a day or two.
  • Second, because MLD removes toxins in the urine, it's normal for the frequency of urination to increase for several hours after the massage.
  • Thirdly, swelling and inflammation will decrease. In addition, you will experience incredible body relaxation and general well-being. However, after draining, you may feel very tired and heavy as your body tries to get rid of toxins.

Most importantly, remember that in the salon Najlepszy Masaż you will find the best specialists in manual lymphatic drainage. See you soon!

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