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Sedentary work and back pain

The average person spends most of their time sitting both at work and at home. How you actually sit during this time will play a big role in determining your body's health.

As the days progress and fatigue sets in, injuries, pain and muscle imbalances become more likely. Managing upper back pain while sitting can be combated by being aware of your posture and finding ways to minimize your sedentary lifestyle.

Why does sitting cause pain in the upper back?

Sitting too much is a common cause of pain in the upper back or thoracic spine. Those who sit for long hours, especially office workers, are prone to back and neck pain.

When you assume any sitting position for too long, your muscles get tired. The body has difficulty managing one posture continuously. Sitting too much usually leads to a stooped posture. Unfortunately, slouching puts a lot of strain on the joints, muscles, and other surrounding connective tissue.

In addition, it puts our spine and muscles in positions that they should not hold for a long time. This leads to muscle imbalance, joint strain, muscle strain, and eventually pain.

Symptoms caused by poor posture while sitting

Pain in the upper back, neck and shoulders
Chronic headaches
Muscle spasms and stiffness in the spine, shoulder blades and chest
Problems with concentration
Weakness in the neck, shoulders and shoulder blades
Inability to tolerate sitting for long periods of time

How to prevent sitting upper back pain?

Improve workplace ergonomics
Your normal spine curves should be well supported. This means starting with good lumbar support, either built into the chair or with an extra lumbar pillow. The spine naturally forms an "S" shape, with a slight extension in the lower back (arched), flexion in the middle of the back, and extension in the neck again.This "S" can easily be overdone with bad posture. On the other hand, sitting with a perfectly straight spine can also lead to pain and cushioning problems. It's about finding that sweet spot in the middle.
Customize your chair and desk
Position the desk so that it properly supports your spine and makes it difficult to slouch. For starters, if your chair doesn't provide any support, consider getting a lumbar pillow. From there, other important factors are: forearms at the same height as the keyboard, both feet flat on the floor (or use a footrest or seat cushion), and the monitor at eye level.
Adjust your posture
Avoid leaning to the side or slouching forward. Ultimately, your spine should be relatively aligned with the back of the chair, arms at your sides, at head level, and legs uncrossed. Properly configured posture may feel awkward at first, but it shouldn't be painful or too forced. It will be a little different for each person. If you struggle with maintaining good posture, even with the right setup, you may also consider wearing the brace periodically to start training your muscles at your desk.
Take breaks from sitting
Getting up and moving around during the workday can improve back health. Plus, it has the added benefit of creating well-being and increasing productivity. Try to take a 5-10 minute break from sitting at your desk every hour. You can just get up, go for a little walk or stretch a bit. Set an alarm if you need a reminder to periodically get up and move around.
Strengthen your upper back
You can help rebalance your body after a day of sitting by doing certain exercises. They will help strengthen your back muscles and improve flexibility while promoting blood flow and relieving pain. Exercises should focus on the core, neck muscle balance, chest flexibility, and shoulder blades.
Take a deep tissue massage session.
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