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Manual therapy or massage?

Manual therapy is used to treat movement disorders that cause pain and reduced range of motion.

Manual therapy

Joint-specific techniques are indicated when movement impairment is due to loss of normal joint mobility due to reversible joint hypomobility. Manual therapy is usually contraindicated when mobility impairment is caused by excessive joint mobility.

Impaired movement due to muscle weakness or shortening is often an indication for soft tissue techniques. After reducing pain and improving joint mobility through manual therapy, it is easier for the patient to regain normal movement patterns and restore maximum function

Manual therapies cover a wide range of physical treatments commonly used by physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths. These therapies typically include massage and muscle manipulation as well as joint mobilization techniques.
Spinal manipulation involves the application of a controlled force to the spinal joint. This is usually done by chiropractors or osteopathic doctors, but it can also be done by physical therapists and some doctors.

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Massage therapy

It is effective for conditions such as neck and shoulder pain, and massage is commonly used for sports injuries, delayed-onset muscle soreness after exercise, low back pain, and other causes of muscle pain.

The mechanisms of massage action are not fully understood. However, studies using muscle biopsies after exercise-induced muscle injury have shown that massage reduces the production of inflammatory cytokines and increases indicators of cell repair, such as mitochondrial biogenesis. Massage therapy has also been shown to reduce anxiety and blood pressure.

In addition to its direct benefits for conditions such as anxiety, some benefits of pain massage may be due to its psychological effects. One important point clinicians need to understand is that there are a range of massage techniques as well as different types of expertise among massage therapists.

Some forms, such as Swedish massage, are mainly aimed at relaxation. Other forms of massage, such as sports massage, tend to use more pressure and techniques specifically aimed at improving recovery from muscle injuries. When referring a patient for massage for sports injuries, it can be helpful to make sure the massage therapist has the appropriate training and experience working with sports injuries.

While a spa massage can successfully relax or temporarily relieve stress, a therapeutic massage will bring tangible results. Medical massage treatment is planned with a specific goal in mind, and your massage will be included in a broader treatment plan based on your health needs and goals.

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Purpose of massages

Clinical massage usually has a specific goal: to relieve pain or tension in a specific part of the body. You may have been referred by a doctor and your insurance may even cover all or some of your visits. A medical treatment is intended to improve a specific ailment or condition.

Different techniques for different circumstances

Perhaps you are looking for a massage to relieve pain or muscle tension, or simply to relax and relieve stress. However, you don't want to mistakenly run the wrong treatment. Patients often seek medical therapy for a specific injury or pain.

Oczywi┼Ťcie w ┼Ťrodowisku medycznym do┼Ťwiadczysz bardziej ukierunkowanych technik, takich jak Rozlu┼║nienie Mi─Ö┼Ťniowo-Powi─Öziowe lub Terapia Punkt├│w Spustowych.

Terapeuta podejdzie do leczenia z my┼Ťl─ů o Twoich konkretnych potrzebach, dzi─Öki czemu leczenie b─Ödzie bardziej zindywidualizowane. Je┼Ťli masz konkretny b├│l lub dysfunkcj─Ö, kt├│r─ů chcesz rozwi─ůza─ç, powiniene┼Ť rozwa┼╝y─ç skorzystanie z pomocy medycznej, a nie leczenia uzdrowiskowego.

When you visit a massage parlour, you'll likely receive more basic therapy that focuses on relaxation. Although spa therapists have been trained in the general art of massage, they may not have the same level of expertise as physical therapists.

Our masseurs have undergone additional training in the form of further training courses and certification, which allow them to conduct advanced styles of care and treatment.
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