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Manual therapy of the spine

Manual therapy has a long history in the physical therapy profession, and physical therapists have contributed significantly to the current diversity of manual therapy approaches and techniques.

Mechanical explanations have historically been used to explain the working mechanisms of manual therapy interventions. Modern research reveals that complex neurophysiological mechanisms are also involved, and the beneficial psychological effects of providing hands-on research and interventions have been proven

What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy includes specific techniques used to treat pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction and can help provide many benefits. Manual therapy techniques help restore fluid movement to the affected joint or soft tissue, with an emphasis on better overall movement.

Physiotherapists and hand therapists use manual therapy to help the patient by restoring mobility, improving motor control, reducing pain, and improving movement efficiency. Manual therapy includes specialized techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilization and manipulation, lymphatic drainage, and passive and assisted functional movement.

The benefits of manual therapy extend beyond skillful healing to the physical touch and connection with the patient that contribute to healing. In the conditions of outpatient physiotherapy, manual therapy combined with exercises restoring and improving mobility is the most effective way to improve the patient's quality of life. You can book manual therapies via BOOKSY or on our website.

How does manual therapy benefit patients?

Manual therapy is adapted to the individual condition of each patient, making it a very personalized form of treatment. Based on a thorough examination of the patient's condition, manual therapy is included in the treatment plan in accordance with the specific needs of the patient's body. Our team performs manual massage in Warsaw, tailored to the client.

There are many techniques that physiotherapists and hand therapists use when caring for patients, and each technique is uniquely beneficial. For example, depending on the patient and condition, massage can reduce inflammation, improve flexibility and mobility of muscles, and fascia, increase the mobility of adhesions between soft tissues, or ensure muscle stretch. Similarly, joint mobilization and manipulation modulates pain and improves mobility. Manual therapy is used in conjunction with physical exercise to restore function to the treated area and the entire body.

Because manual therapy is very practical, it allows you to combine art and science for the benefit of the patient. Using a variety of techniques allows each patient to achieve successful movement patterns and make progress toward individual health goals.
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