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Trigger point therapy. What is this?

Trigger Point Therapy is a soft tissue technique aimed at releasing painful tension in muscles and fascia, which you typically feel as a knot in the muscle

There are many different approaches to trigger point therapy, including soft tissue work, deep tissue massage, dry needling, and ischemic pressure.

What is a trigger point?

A trigger point is basically a very sensitive point in a muscle when you press on it or what most people would call a knot. You know that bit of muscle when you rub your tense arms that just don't feel right and really hurt? When the trigger point is very sensitive, it can cause pain without being pressed, and this is the main cause of muscle pain that most people suffer from.

According to leading trigger point researchers and the physician who coined the term "myofascial trigger point", a trigger point is "a hypersensitive nodule in a tight band of tissue that can be associated with pain." You can order trigger point therapy sessions through Booksy in our salon Najlepszy Masaż

There are 3 types of trigger points:

  1. active trigger points
  2. hidden trigger points
  3. satellite trigger points.

Active trigger points

Active trigger points are defined as causing pain when no pressure is applied to them. This means they are painful even if you don't massage them. It is one of the most common causes of myofascial pain and can be felt anywhere in the body. Common examples of active trigger points are headaches, neck pain, back pain including sciatica, knee pain, and so on.

Hidden trigger points

A hidden trigger point is a point you press on that causes pain and often directs the pain to another area. These points are seen as a precursor to active trigger points. If you have hidden trigger points that get worse with continued stress, they can become active trigger points and that's when you're usually in pain and need someone to help you out of the pain. We encourage you to check out others as well offers of our salon.

Satellite trigger points

The satellite trigger point is the area that the pain relates to. For example, if you have pain in your arm and you find that the trigger point is in the arm in relation to the elbow, the elbow points will be satellite trigger points. So you would also work on those elbow points as they will be involved as well. Therefore, it is important to work not only on the painful area. Have a question? Write to our instagram.


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